March 9th, 2009

Instant Thrill - Play Slots

According to the latest web stats – online slot gaming has soared in popularity during the credit crunch – perhaps fuelled by the amazing progressive jackpots levels regularly being won! However, check out the top reason for putting a spin into you leisure time……..

Instant thrills

While the chance to win cash is a big part of slot gaming – so is the intrinsic excitement they deliver. Every slot spin delivers a rush of anticipation, akin to hurriedly opening a gift at Christmas! There are endless Free Spin rewards, win boosters, nudges, holds and bonus features – and that’s before you even think about the cash combos! Naturally – slot gaming has a basic click and play functionality that’s 100% fool proof – so no wonder it’s the world’s most popular casino niche!

Fantasy themes
The themes delivered by slot games are diverse – ranging from serious themes like Hit Man, to kitsch fun of classic fruit machine capers. However, what’s for sure is – you’ll find endless adventures and storylines to immerse yourself in – for endless pleasure.

Up-graded Interaction
The intrinsic thrill of pressing the button (or clicking on the web) delivers a chilled out rush, but the latest slot games go much further in terms of interactivity. Matching enough scatter icons triggers cool interactive bonus games, giving you an element of real user-activated rewards. For example, in Lara Croft Tombraider slot games – you get the chance to pick ancient artefacts, for a range of bonus awards and cash rewards. While it’s not quite console gaming, the amazing graphics, sounds and animated features make playing video slots highly entertaining.

Great value slots
With the UK leisure sector feeling the credit crunch – slots are powering ahead thanks to their super-value and low cost spin options. Although you can spin with up to 75.00 or more on some slot machines – you can also play literally for pennies – with some machines even allowing spins of 0.01! Of course, web casinos are also famous for their free bonus give-aways – so you can even play slot machines with the casino’s own cash, to check out the latest games.

Huge lucky jackpot levels
With the best online slot games paying out very fairly – any regular gamer will receive a plethora of winning spins, and enjoy a cool battle with the casino to try and become a winner. However, ultimately – behind all the intrinsic entertainment and small payouts – every gamer wants to hit the big time jackpot levels! Jackpots in 2008 have reached incredible levels – with a record number of slot players scooping 0.5 to 1 million with lucky spins! Naturally – because slot games are fundamentally 100% good luck – every level of player has a chance to win with every spin!

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March 8th, 2009

Online Slot Tips

With more than 120 slot machines available at good online casino websites, slots are one of the world’s most popular gaming sectors – and with good reason since the web offers amazing realism, extreme fun and massive jackpot levels. However, while there may be endless styles and themes to choose from – most slot games retain several key features. Check them out and spin for a chance to win millions……….

Basic icons
Whether you play the latest Tombraider Video Slot, a progressive jackpot game like Wow Pot or a classic 3 reel fruity – the ’slot icon’ is the most important part of all machines. Many games retain the traditional fruit symbols such as cherries and pineapples – while others also contain themed game-specific symbols. The fundamental goal of all slot machines is to match enough of the icons on the reels, to trigger payouts.

Pay lines
Some games feature a single pay line, while other have an incredible number, often totalling over 20! Each pay line delivers another chance to form a winning combination, and on multi line machines, the number of pay lines triggered is usually directly related to the number of coins played per spin. Always check the pay tables to see how to activate the full pay line power!

Many online slot machines contain Wild icons – symbols that substitute for most of the other icons to complete winning combinations. In the majority of high class video slot games, Wilds also multiply any winning combination they trigger – for serious payout action!

Scatters have similar power to Wild symbols – however these slick icons can be matched anywhere on active pay lines, meaning they frequently pop-up to deliver cool rewards and bonus games.

Free Spins
Apart from the allure of cash payouts – Free Spins are most gamers’ favourite slot payout, often delivering over 20 free chances to win, frequently with multiplied payouts. Free Spins boost the value of your gaming significantly.

Interactive bonuses
Matching enough scatter icons on the pay lines in cutting-edge slot machines triggers the concept of ’second screen bonus games’ – generally featuring a themed slotscape with cool graphics and the chance to interact with the gaming environment to scoop rewards and cash wins. Bonus games are very easy to play – with a click and win functionality that’s great fun.

Progressive/max jackpots
While all slot machines pay out low level wins on a regular basis – they also harbour the power to deliver massive jackpots, worth hundreds, thousands or even millions! While it takes luck to win big, you can boost your chances by making sure you actually activate the jackpot potential! Essentially – check the pay tables to see how many coins you need to game with to trigger the max coin number payout.

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July 23rd, 2008

Play Online Casino Slots

Online casino slots are the most preferred by people all over because they are excepting to play with. A reason why people prefer these casino slots is because they are simple and ease to use and understand. These online casino slots come in different aspects and other is free, considering that they are a lot of these online casino slots it is very difficult to choose the best. Remember that when locating an online casino slots you should always check for these factors whether it's for free, if jackpots are offered and bonuses are there too.

Online casino slots are there and most of them are free online. So good advice will be before you attempt any of these free casino slots you should find out more about them in terms of what they offer and because it does help to research before you start.

When you are choosing these online casino slots it must click in your mind that you should consider their reputation. You should look at the following facts like honest and efficiency, promptness and their customer service these things should help you to get a good online casino slots.

We have a lot of these online casino slots and examples are slots village, Vegas slots casinos, cocoa casino slots, plus casino, Caribbean gold casino slots. The ones l listed are among the best in terms of that have good advertising; good graphics and they have quality casino slots.

Well to find out more about these online casino slots l would adverse you to go and visit the different websites that are on offer and enjoy the experience.

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December 6th, 2007

Feed the slot Machines

In the early 19thy century enterprising American Charles Fey began manufacturing slot machines.

Born on the 2nd of February 1862 he discovered his passion for mechanical machines while he was working in a factory in Germany.

Being addicted to this game Fey manufactured the first three-reel slot machine with bells which was called “Liberty Bell”.

This machine resembles today’s slot machines. The machine was designed with three reels, each with 20 symbols and it is the forerunner of today’s five reel machines.

Today’s machines are more complex. The simple mechanical devices which were holding only a few symbols have evolved to microprocessor-controlled devices with five reels and more than a hundred symbols.

During the 1930’s slot machines started to become more popular in the United States and in the late 1940’s it became a way to entertain the wives and girlfriends of high rollers. It was the Flamingo Hilton hotel in Las Vegas where this game was first introduced. First seen only as a standard game soon it became a way of earning a lot of money for casinos.

Slots games have gained tremendous popularity as they do not require any special skill. Also known as one-armed bandits the goal of the game is to spin the reels so that the symbols line up in a winning combination also known as “payline”.

There is a payout table listed on the machine as well where the players need to collect their winnings from. 
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